My Tour Live – Corporate

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User experience
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User experience

Authentic « as if you were there »

Fun and recreational

Attractive (value-added/ brand new content)

Ecological and economical (reduces travel)

Easy to access

Interactive with the speaker

Group or individual

Uses and advantages

Sales support system

My Tour live - Aide à la vente

Professional -> distribution network -> final customer, thanks to an innovative experience of online immersive pre-visit

(vs standalone VR headsets / virtual visit tools)

Immersive video experience(unlike existing virtual tour tools limited to 360 / 3D photo) and interactive remote video, compatible on any connected screen or VR headset

My Tour Live - Icône Cloud

Instant and unlimited access to the video library in the cloud, facilitates and dematerializes the transport of very heavy videos

Promotion & Events

(vs Youtube)

My Tour Live - Icône Customisation

Video player and interface with company colors

My Tour Live - Icône Pub

No advertising before / during / after the video

My Tour Live - Icône Playback

Interactivity coupled with viewing or Replay mode

My Tour live - Promotion

Online “open doors” events for distributors or VIP final customers (loyalty / recruitment), eg private remote visit of an emblematic site

New revenue channel

My Tour live - Canal acquisition
New online visit revenue channel with remote customers


My Tour Live - Icône Money

additional income

My Tour Live - Icône PMR

access to customers who are distant or unable to travel

My Tour Live - Icône oeil

foretaste for the customer before a site visit

Internal training

(vs Facebook Live / video-conference tools)

360° immersive pictures

Supervised (synchronized) or free viewing mode

Reusable video content

Audio / text interaction for both parts

Much better stabilized images than smartphone shooting

Private and confidential interface, not dependent on subscription to a social network

My Tour live - Formation

immersive and interactive

The sectors


• Online additional income for guide or activities providers at all seasons

• Sales / promotion tool thanks to immersive and interactive pre-visit

• Contains the visitors flow on overcrowded sites (load shedding on the online channel)

• Enables the discovery of unusual sites or sites closed to the public

• Facilitates the access to a remote public or a public unable to travel

• Contributes to the ecologically responsible policy of tourist attractions

Real Estate

• Increase in responsiveness: visit “as if we were there” available on demand 24/7

• Increase in productivity: less unnecessary travel, more private or group visits

• Easy access to remote or unavailable customers

• Easier Solution to use than traditional tools for promoting a property in photos / videos

• High impact immersion experience in pre-visit and post-visit

• Authentic experience in line with reality


• Immersive video conference as close as possible to work areas in a meeting or training context

• Increase of productivity and reduction of travel costs

• Contributes to CSR policies

• Promotional tool with partners or customers through immersive and interactive visit of premises or factory


• Development of Culture with a wider audience thanks to digital technology (youngest and less elitist)

• Easier deployment in schools

• Access to a remote or disabled public (nursing home…)

• Online additional income to compensate for off-peak periods

• Facilitates the management of peak visitor flows on site (load shedding on the online channel)


• Gives to unable people a travel experience

• Stimulates the emotions generated by the discovery of an unknown place

• Develops social ties during group sessions


• Facilitates the access to site visits or school exhibitions in order to illustrate lessons

• The interactive session between students and the local professional help the learning process

• The experience close to real life is of great added value for the preparation of presentations


• An original and unique promotional tool for events

• Live or relive an event remotely as if you were there

• Extends the events lifespan on the internet

• Facilitates access to the events for a remote audience